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Seller Networks is a leading private party publisher and advertiser in the motors category. Our well-established media networks, including those in autos, classic cars, RVs, motorcycles, boats, and heavy equipment, are industry leading distribution sources for private sellers looking to sell their listing quickly and for full value. Our business occupies the middle point between "free" classifieds websites, which are often over-run with scammers and spammers, and the leading portals, which are typically 95% dealer ads. Our mission is to professionally market private sellers, and 100% of our ads are verified by our professional staff. We position private sellers in the vast Internet marketplace for sales success. Our market opportunity is significant. Take the autos category as an example. Last year, over 40 million used vehicles were sold in the United States, and about one-third of those were sold by private party sellers. That means that each day, tens of thousands of sellers are in the market to sell their vehicle and are in need of professional marketing services. That's where we step in. We are their leading choice for cost-efficient Internet marketing and have a high sales success rate.

Work Your Way
At Seller Networks you will have work - life flexibility. Our remote sales representatives

often balance their families and other commitments, and are still able to produce significant results for themselves and for the company.You are in control of your work schedule, and you can dictate how often you work and how much money you make in sales commissions. Our systems are online 24/7, so you can always access your work, make follow up calls, and take inbound calls from the comfort of your remote work environment. Ask the hundreds of sales reps that have worked remotely for Seller Networks. Our product is market leading, our systems and technology are cutting-edge, and our commission opportunity has been voted top 10% in the country for remote sales jobs.

What do Sales Representatives do?
Sales representatives typically work on a localized basis, serving as a marketing consultant for local or regional private sellers. After being trained by Seller Networks, you will use our online technology systems to contact prospects, and you will receive hundreds of local referrals each week. Your job will be to design a marketing campaign that meets their needs, working with our numerous media partners, our own online publications, and various media and marketing tools, including HD video.After making contact with these sellers and designing a marketing campaign that meets

their needs, our operations staff will take over. We will verify the ad details, build a professional online marketing presence, and track and screen their incoming buyer leads.You won't be responsible for customer service - our highly trained service staff will handle that. As a Seller Networks marketing consultant, you will be able to focus on helping people, and you can leave the details of operations and fulfillment to us!

Get Started Today!
Getting started with Seller Networks is easy. Fill out the below contact information and expect a call from one of our professional recruiters. We will interview you, and if you seem like a good fit for our values and corporate culture, then you will be hired as an independent contractor. Next, you will go through our sales training, and get access to our online technology and training materials. Most reps can be up and selling within in a few days, and most reps have immediate sales success. Also, you will have the opportunity to participate in our weekly sales training webinars, sales promotions and contests, and you will earn opportunities to visit the Seller Networks Academy, located in Las Vegas, NV, for more training. So let's have a chat. Sign up today for an interview today because there is nothing but blue sky ahead for you!