The Seller Networks Story

Our story starts in the mid 1990’s with the growth of the Internet. Our founding team was involved in building online marketplaces for automotive dealers. We generated billions of dollars of transactions for our dealer customers.

But that got us thinking…why couldn’t we do the same thing for private sellers?

On the Internet, the professional marketer – dealers, wholesalers, and brokers – are advantaged, at the expense of the private party seller. In many cases, private party units are pushed 50 pages deep in the search results and their ads are not optimized to appear in the top search engines. Their ad copy is not professionally written, their pricing is off, and their photos, if present, don’t attractively represent the listing for sale.

Thus the birth of Seller Networks. We are dedicated entirely to giving the private seller a marketing edge online. We have a strong belief in the value of the Internet to get these units sold. And we have a keen awareness of how the professional marketer disadvantages the private seller online. That’s the inspiration behind Seller Networks.

We are the leading online business dedicated entirely to the private seller. We don’t take ads from dealers, brokers or wholesalers, and we offer a range of services which are designed to level the playing field for the private seller in a very crowded marketplace. Our customers benefit from advertising on up to 20 top websites in their category, search engine optimization, professional marketing assistance, lead screening, financing referrals, shipping, and extended warranties to name a few.

The bottom line is this. The “free” online marketplaces are filled with scammers and spammers. The big portals are 95% dealer inventory and aren’t designed for the private seller. We are the effective alternative. Paid, professional advertising that gets your listing in front of highly qualified buyers, combined with a range of buyer and seller services that take the hassle out of online selling.

Listen, its really simple. We all use professionals in our daily lives, especially when our money is at risk. So if you want to sell your vehicle, RV, boat or motorcycle, turn to Seller Networks. We have helped tens of thousands of private sellers like you.

Seller Networks.
It’s that easy!